Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finally, the sponsor announcement!

December 18, 2008
Richmond, Virginia

Fiorucci Foods, Inc. has signed a multi year title sponsorship of CyCor Sports LLC and its cycling teams/clubs. Located in Chesterfield County, Fiorucci’s mission through three generations has been to provide authentic Italian foods known for their high quality. It is a 150 year old company that started in Norcia, Italy using long-cherished family recipes and with the help of old-world artisans, they became the number one selling deli meats in Italy and in the United States. Claudio Colmignoli, president of Fiorucci states: “We are very excited about getting involved in the Richmond community. We have been based in this area since 1986 employing Richmond area citizens. Through the sponsorship of CyCor and its partners who advocate a healthy life style we believe that we will realize our investment in the community.” John Jack, Fiorucci vice president of business development adds: “We will incorporate this strategic sponsorship with the launch of our new product called Rostello, an old Fiorucci recipe for the main stream deli meat category.” Thus the team will be known as Rostello presented by Fiorucci.

CyCor is a 14 year old cycling organization that started in professional cycling and now field’s amateur road and mountain bike teams including over 100 members in its recreational club.

Coming aboard as Supporting Sponsors are Endorphin Fitness (EF) and Advance Orthophedics Center (AOC).

EF provides endurance coaching, personal training, and group/corporate wellness. Michael Harlow, owner of EF said: “Endorphin Fitness is thrilled to be a partner with CyCor. We seek to change lives. Through unparalleled endurance coaching, personal training, and group/corporate wellness, we support life change by helping people realize their potential. Our charge to "Live Red" is the outward expression of this philosophy.”

AOC is a full-service orthopaedic center with two locations in Richmond. At AOC each patient is treated with the pinpointed expertise of a trained sub-specialist, a physician who dedicates his entire practice to one area of orthopaedics. The result of this approach: state-of-the-art healthcare. Dr. Kenneth Zaslav of AOC states: “The Sports Medicine Center at AOC is proud to sponsor athletes from Virginia that try to push the limits of their sport and promote a healthy athletic lifestyle. We firmly believe in these athletes and their quest to be the best.”

CyCor’s exclusive Bike Shop Sponsor is its former title sponsor of 6 years, Conte’s of Richmond. The first Conte’s bicycle store opened in Newport News, Virginia in 1957. When Charles R. Conte, Jr. became president and David Conte became vice president of Conte Bike Shops, Inc. they already had successful stores. They began exploring other ways to expand and replicate their success, but still keep the tradition of their father’s neighborhood bike store philosophy alive. P & K Ventures, Inc. purchased the franchising rights from Conte’s Bikes Shops, Inc. making them affiliate companies thus forming The Conte Enterprise. Now they have six franchises with franchise stores to open next spring in Conyers, Georgia, and Bel Air, Maryland. According to David Conte, “ Conte’s is happy to continue the sponsorship with the new Cycor cycling team to support and grow the sport of cycling.”

Another returning sponsor is Fast Signs of Alexandria. “Fast Signs of Alexandria is proud to be sponsoring such a strong cycling program with Team Rostello presented by Fiorucci and strong cycling advocacy in CyCor” said Kirby Newman, account executive.

CyCor staff includes:

EXECUTIVE : Felix Tapawan Garcia – President, Tom Doyle – Vice President , Thomas Bowden, Esq. - General Counsel, Jennifer Roman - Marketing Services Director, John Hewitt – Webmaster.
WOMEN’S PROGRAM: Karen Hanson- Program Director.
MEN’S PROGRAM: Mark Pye – Program Director, James Schaefer - Road Team Manager, Brad Turner - MTB Team Manager.
CLUB PROGRAM: Bill Battle – Program Director
EVENTS PROMOTION PROGRAM: Karen Hanson. Bill Battle, Brad Turner.

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