Saturday, December 8, 2007

Eww that Smell

Saturdays I've been doing this run/ride thing with Cliff. We get to the ABC ride parking lot, go out and run 5-6 miles and then come back and ride 40 plus miles. Ok, this is a Karen Math Question... how many sets of clothes do two people have to have to do the run and ride?

Answer: 6. Six sets of clothes. Running clothes for two people, then bike clothes which cant be the same running clothes because they are now wet, and starting off a bike ride with wet clothes is just awful. After the bike ride you can't sit around in wet bike clothes, and you can't put the running clothes back on as they are both wet, and smell bad. You can't continue to wear the bike stuff or you'll get butt fungus and other nasties. So now you have to have clothing change number 3.

After we ride we hit the grocery store as the ride is in town, and we live out in the country. Ukrops baggers insist on bringing groceries to the car (no tipping!!). It must look like a bordello to them, a van full of clothes tossed willy nilly around which have to be moved to get the grocery bags in.

The really fun part comes at home when I have to slip said clothes in the door, with groceries, past the dogs. The dogs think that the smelly clothes are just wonderful, and tend to pull them out of my hand and go into rolling fits on them. Bobdog, is a sock thief and I'm sure that there is a stash of smelly socks somewhere that only he knows about. You know the sight of true love when you see Bobdog laying with one of his prized socks, licking and rubbing his face on it.

Needless to say, laundry is a constant chore here. The perils of not washing this stuff immediately is a hamper so toxic that no one will go near it. Trust me, I've learned. I had to wash my skinsuit 3x in Fabreeze after leaving it in the truck for a week after a race. I was sure it was a total loss.

May all your clothes be fresh smelling. We'll be in the truck with the window open letting that eau du cycling stink out.

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