Friday, December 21, 2007

Creatures of habit

Ok, I'm old. I've gotten set in my ways, and whats really bad is when total strangers have taken notice.

Pretty much every day I go to Ukrops and have a salad. Except for the rare days, like today, when they have seafood wraps in the prepared food case. Then I get a wrap. Otherwise, its a salad. A very expensive salad at almost $6 per lb. Ouch. I get it there because I can sit in the area off the coffee shop area, at a four top table, and grab the paper that people always leave behind. I get the paper that way because that's recycling. Recycling is good. Plus, I'm cheap. I have to save money after having that $6.00 per lb. salad.

Today I got the wrap, but someone was sitting at my table. I turned around to snag a paper (recycle) when I had a tug on my sleeve... the little man who had sat at my table had come over and was motioning me to come to the table. "So, sorry!" he said. "I sit at your table. Here, you sit! You sit! You sit here everyday!" Before I could protest, he moved his lunch, and grabbed mine and moved it to the table.

Yes, I sit there everyday. It's by the window, but has a heater vent right under it. It's also far away from the side door that brings in cold air. Until today, I really didn't realize that I do sit at that table. Every day. Isn't it funny that just when you think you are totally anonymous out in the world you find out that you aren't.

So Merry Christmas to the little man at my table today. I'll make sure to notice him next time!

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