Sunday, December 30, 2007

I wanna be a weatherperson

Friday I checked and it said that the rain was going to stop before 3 am. Cool. The Saturday morning run-ride could take place. I called J and told her we were on.

Saturday morning at 6 am I was up watching the news on tv. The weather gal said that the rain was pretty much over, but there was a small chance of showers. The radar screen was clear.

Only problem, when I looked out the window, it was pouring rain.

I'm 2 miles from the dopler radar, and accu-weather just plain isn't.

So Cliff came by and we decided to bag the ride, and went into town to run. On the way, J called. "K, J here. So is it raining?" "Yep." "D says that its not raining." Big pause... "Well J, we're heading down 64 and the windshield wipers are swiping as fast as they can at this liquid stuff falling from the sky." (noise in the back ground.) Then J comes back on, "Well, D says that its going to stop..." I told her to call me back around noon and we'd try to get in an afternoon ride. We ran just shy of 8 miles and it "didn't rain" on us almost the whole way. At least it was warm...

Sunday I was going to host my team to ride Cliff's mountain bike trails with an eye towards putting on a mountain bike time trial sometime in '08. I got up, and looked out the window and decided to get out on the road quickly. Good thing. By 11 am it was starting to rain, and then it rained all day. I thought roadies were wusses, but the mountain bike guys were calling in to cancel the ride before the first drop landed. The weather people predicted rain for much later in the day.

So I want to be a weather person. In my job, you get it wrong and someone has to take the heat. Before I present a big case I swear I sweat a couple gallons as I double check everything. Man, wouldn't my life be great if I could be wrong more than 50% of the time!


Albe said...

As a dog lover you'd appreciate this story. Up in the DC metro area during the 80s, there was a dog that predicted the weather. "Cindy the Weather Dog" was a golden retriever that predicted precip better than the weathermen on the top 3 stations. The dog owner would call into the radio station WCXR each morning with Cindy's prediction. (If I remember correctly, depending if she went outside in the morning would determine if it would rain or not). Her accuracy was something like 90% correct.

Karen said...

Actually, my hip predicts weather pretty good as well!

Ride hard Albe! I miss seeing you all!