Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunshine in the Fog

J came over last night to ride with us on a "Tacky Light Tour" downtown. It was an interesting bunch of people, not what Cliff would call the wine and cheese crowd. After a start that resembled Critical Mass, and a bunch of riders running red lights, and drinking beer out of bottles in their pockets we decided that this was probably not a group for us. I'm a stick in the mud, I think that sometimes we deserve the reputation that we get on the roads, and I'd just as soon not be part of furthering that bad reputation. No offense, thats just the way it is.

This morning J and I went out as soon as the fog lifted a little bit. The roads were soaked, and while lifted was a relative term, the conditions were not bad. It helped that again we looked like the Sun out there, in bright yellow jackets, with full light set ups. While most of the cars out there didn't have lights on, we did. The way I figured it, while it was 40 degrees out at 8 am, and predicted to be 65 for a high for the day, 40 degrees and not actively raining was better than 65 in the rain with up to 50 mph winds anyday.

We almost made it in before the wind started, but the last five miles were tough. Of course I did what I always do when that happens, I sent J up to the front! Yeah, lets put the skinny bitc* up front! J is strong as an ox, and is a hell of a puller. Even if you really can't draft off her...

So hopefully, you all got out to ride today. And hopefully, eveyone behaved themselves. Santa's coming... and he's been watching!

I know that he's bringing extra special stuff to:
James- for putting up with me and J.
To Felix- for working so hard to get all the details of running a club done. It's mind boggling how hard a job that can be.
To Jenn- for joining a club and then jumping up and taking charge of designing all new kits right off...
To Cliff- for taking care of my dogs when I race, and generally keeping me on track...
To Pete- for sending me funnies and making me laugh..
To Ben- for giving me the best advise ever and sympathy thru the trying times after my hip surgery
And to all the women I race against, who were so supportive of me when my Mom died this spring, thru the surgery woes, and during my recovery. I'm so proud to be associated with all of you.


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