Monday, December 31, 2007

A well balanced dog...

When I used to show dogs one of my favorite breeds was Belgian Sheepdogs... Besides being a wee bit on the sharp side, they were wickedly smart and funny. The parent club of the various Belgian breeds do outstanding jobs in highlighting the fact that these are WORKING dogs. In fact, on of the parent clubs has a motto that a well balanced dog has a Champion at the front of it's name and a Utility Dog degree on the other end. Trust me, happiness is a well trained dog. Dogs like kids are not born with PHD's.

So this morning I head out on my ride and encounter a young man (17-20 ish) with a border collie mixed with something really big young dog on the side of the road. I was puffing uphill, and just as I got to them, the dog ran into the middle of the road, splitting the baby as it were. Ok, so I'm looking at our hero, waiting for him to call his dog... Wrong movie, girl. Young man is not mean, just kind of ... out there. So now there is a car coming at us, a border collie trying to herd me, and an owner who is "out there." Having a young dog biting my foot as a car is coming is not my idea of fun. Having him bumping the bike trying to turn me, even less so.

Finally, the car passed, I was able to sprint away, and life was good. Unfortunately, I can pretty much guarantee a bad end for poochie.

Obedience training is one of the best gifts we can give to our best friends. Cars and dogs are a bad combination.

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