Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa Gets a Repreive

OK, I'm gonna give Santa a pass this year. He didn't bring me a new bike, but left me a note saying that I have too many bikes, and need to stop naming them! (not happening.) He did bring me a neat new toy though, a Garmin for the Queen Cab! This of course, puts J out of a job. J has saved me on numerous occasions when I have gotten lost in very, very questionable areas.

The conversations tend to go like this: "J, just left the race at RFK, and the Woodrow Wilson Bridge is closed. I've been driving around trying to find a way to get to 301, and I think I'm in a bad way here! Where the hell am I, and how the hell do I get home?"

Then J would go into her best map lady routine, find out where I am better than a bloodhound, and get me the most efficient way out of whatever mess I had gotten myself into.

On one of my emergency trips cross-country to take care of my Mom, J and her hubby saved my sorry butt on more than one occasion. Believe it or not, you can get most of the way cross country on about 2 roads from my house. 64 to St Louis, 44 after that. I happened to have to come back just as tornadoes and other fun stuff hit. Trust me, all you need to know about driving you learn from bike racing ie.... when you have 60 mph cross winds, and you go to pass you will end up in a ditch. If you have to pass, do it gradually. And listen to your team car (J) they know the dangers you are going to face up ahead. J and D would be on line, calling me with updates and re-routes to get me home. It was a harrowing experience for all of us.

But now I have this new toy. It even talks to you, and from where ever I am, all I have to do is hit the home key, and allegedly it will get me there. I'm not sure if J is really out of a job or not though. I doubt that little dohicky will be on the computer with the latest and greatest wind speeds, rain fall amounts and stuff like that. I may have to keep J on the payroll after all.

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