Saturday, December 1, 2007

Just One Of Those Days

Yeah, you know that kind of day. Its the kind of day when you swear you can hear the entire town coming down the road singing that song from the Color Purple, God Is Trying To Tell You Something. Right Now.

I'm not fond of wind. Really not fond of wind when its really cold. Starting off a ride semi-wet after running 6 miles just seems to be tempting fate. It was a wee bit warmer this week than last, but that blasted wind was starting to get going as we got on the bikes. I have my new gloves on order, but they aren't here yet, and my fingers were cold.

Cant you hear the singing?

We had gone about 18 miles, just 2 miles to the coffee shop when the record broke. Paching! What in the world was that noise and why is my bike wobbling? Yeah, my nice new Ksyriums broke a spoke. Now that's a new one for me. I usually associate broken bike parts with big whoppers who are trying to ride parts that are too light for them.

Ok, is that singing again? Come on! My big Bertha Butt is not THAT BIG! Criminy! The only bike part that I've ever broken was a chain, and thats because the deraileur was not adjusted properly.

Paching! We did everything we could, but a broken Ksyrium spoke in the rear instantaneously makes the whole wheel way out of true. So Cliff turned around to ride back and get the van, leaving me sitting on a concrete support for a light pole. In the wind. Fuh-fuh-fuh-fuh-reezing to death. I thought I was going to snap my tongue off freezing. Hip aching, going to make you pay for being such a dumbass riding in the wind and cold freezing.

An hour and a half later Cliff shows up. I was almost crying I was so glad to see him. I think I would have gotten in Ted Bundy's car if he had a heater going full blast.

Moral to the story, we're going to have to get a team car if I'm going to ride all winter.

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