Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Week In Review

When I was a little girl on Edgewood Arsenal, we had a kid on the block who was the definition of an accident waiting to happen. Poor Sean, if we were playing baseball, he would walk up behind you as you took a swing... I know, I knocked his teeth out one day when I was at bat. Housing was bad, and the Army condemned our garages. So we used them as forts, and would jump off the roof. Sean fell thru and fx his leg. If we were playing Smear the Queer(I know, not pc), Sean would get tackled and just happen to fall on glass and get sliced up.

After awhile, his Mom had his biorhythms done and he wasn't allowed outside if his were low. No kidding. To bad Sean didn't have his done in college. He ran off the road one night, killed the passenger in his car, and is now in a persistent vegetative state. Some people have all the luck, and its all bad.

That would also be me this weekend. First came the broken spoke on Saturday which left me stranded for 1.5 hours on a concrete post while Cliff had to ride back to get the van. That messed up my hip. Then Sunday I had to use a different wheel on my bike on my hill ride to Hadensville. J drove 60 miles to ride with me, so we were going. 2 miles out on the road I discovered that shifting with the new wheel was not great, 4 miles out I knew that shifting was not possible. So we rode 50 + miles with me having ONE gear. That really made my hip feel great.

Sunday night it rained. We need rain. Rain is good. I got to Cliff's and found out that he didn't get a paper and had to go out to Gum Springs to try to find one. Found it! And when I went to back up, I hit a post. I was going 2 mph, which should have been fine. Nope, somehow I missed the bumper, and hit the edge of the bed of the truck. Its going to be a very, very, expensive mistake.

I think of Sean all the time. He was a wonderful, fun kid. Maybe we BOTH should have had our biorhythms done. Some days you are just better off staying home with a good book. The trick has got to be knowing which days!

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