Sunday, December 2, 2007

So Tell Me Why...

Ok, we all know that ice is nice. It's drilled in to us by all the docs, pt, and coaches we've ever had. After my hip surgery in the spring, my ice pack and I have become best friends. There are days that we are almost inseparable. Ice really is nice, and my hip is very glad for it.

So how come if ice is so nice, cold and wind are so bad? After yesterday's debacle, I was laid up for the rest of the day, with my ice pack! It was so bad that I could barely walk up stairs, and doing much of anything was out of the question.

I think its that nasty wind stuff. Some days when the wind is bad, and particularly right after I had the surgery, I would put a plastic bag over the hip to kind of shield it from air. I don't know why it helped, but it did. Moving air, aching joint, bad combination.

I'm trying to get out again this morning. We're doing my hill ride to Hadensville, and I'm hoping that the hyjinks are on someone else this time. I asked Santa for a team car this year. I've been good. I swear!

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