Monday, December 17, 2007


Sunday I got up from the multiple days of licentious behaviour to start running cross country to build up some kind of speed. Two miles cross country, then quarters on the track, and then another 3 miles cross country. Oh yeah, and it was raining, and 33 degrees. Windy, too. Of course it would have been in bad form to whine about it, knowing that the real psychos were out in Kansas facing snow, ice, and eyeball deep mud.

Cliff informed me that if I was going to keep partying like I've been I'm going to have to start training for that as well. By the time we did the second quarter on the track I was stick a fork in me done. I really did try not to whine, but I think a few tantrums did find their way in there.

Running across some farm fields Cliff started egging me on... hot chocolate ahead. Yummy, hot chocolate will warm your tummy, just got to run to get it! Come on girl! Now thats a man who knows how to motivate me.

This morning I got up at 5 am to run in town. What do I really need? A house keeper. Maybe just a keeper. It sure would have been nice to have Alice from the Brady Bunch. After the run I found out that the shirt that I grabbed to change into... was tights. See what happens when I fold laundry? Crap, so I had to rush to Walmart to buy something to wear. When I got back to the office, I discovered that I should have checked my bag a wee bit closer... I also didn't have shoes.

So now I'm trapped at my desk, with my feet under it so that no one sees that I have running shoes on. Yep, what I really need is Alice. Santa, can you bring her to me?

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