Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sponsor Teaser

Felix Garcia and Tom Doyle have been working hard this fall to get new sponsors lined up for the team. Last year, they had a nice sponsor lined up, who disappeared as the drug stuff started back up with a vengence in cycling. As you can imagine, I have "issues" with drug cheats. Our team is proof of the damage that filters down.

Anywho, Felix is going to be making the announcement probably tommorrow or Monday. I'm very, very happy. It really helps to have sponsors that you totally believe in, no matter if they are your sponsors or not. Julie, Cliff and I use one of the them, the ortho group, on a regular basis. You can say we're frequent fliers... The big sponsor... I know exactly where their stuff is at Ukrops. Yum, yum, yum. I've teased the girls on the team, "think beautiful Tuscan nights, out on the terrace, looking over the hillside... Yeah, you're gonna need snacks to go with that now aren't you! Yum!

Of course we'll still have the bike shop sponsor who has stood by us forever, and a certain bike racer with a sign company as well. Don't you just love companies that give back to their sport?

So for all my team mates who have been anxiously awaiting the news release it is coming. Poor Jenn Roman, our resident graphics goddess is getting really busy putting our new team kits together. If you'd like to see some of her work, click on the blog link to Ro Loves To Ride... she has an AMAZING piece of her work on her blog. I'm trying to talk her into making some seriously cool cycling t-shirts to sell. You want one, I know it.

So that's the teaser for the day. I'm really psyched.

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