Sunday, December 16, 2007

What I really want

This time of year gets hectic. Friday night I took my office out of towners to Pomegranate for dinner, and drank far too much wine. It was good, a nice Cotes du Rhone. Food was great, and the company- the best. Saturday I had to run/ride thru the too much wine fog, quick spritz off and take my group around town, and then that night get to the company Christmas party. My company does raffles all night to encourage everyone to stay. I never win anything, so about half way thru I started to think about what I'd like to win...

Really good shoes.. you know for WOMEN! Shoes that fit my feet, like those heat molded jobbies. Who needs Italian toe killer heels. I want carbon sole savers!

Great gloves. I have a glove "complex" and wash the suckers to death. I'm tired of gloves that rip up my nose, or allow my fingers to freeze. I want winter gloves that keep my hands really warm, and summer gloves that are kind to the nose, and my poor hands.

Lights! Being seen is crucial. I want light weight lights that really work! Something that even dummies like me can use for both road and mtn biking.

Wheels! What cyclist doesn't like great wheels... I can't afford some of the fabulous wheels everyone has. I see these "new" companies, like Planet X and Blackwell with such nice stuff, but I don't see this stuff at our races... Are they any good? Can I afford them?

So Santa Baby, put a little present under the tree, for me. I've been a very good girl this year, so hurry down the chimney tonight.

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bturner15 said...

Check out the Niterider Enduro light. I picked one up at Performance for about $240 and it's HID!