Friday, December 7, 2007

Let Vendorfest Begin

Vendorfest has luckily for me been very light so far this year. It's hard to loose a bit of the flab when people are constantly sending you gourmet goodies, nuts, and booze. Face it, no one's willpower is that strong that you can walk by all this stuff, day in, day out.

So, I went to Costco and got one of the huge veggie trays. Funny how that is lasting longer than the Harry & David Tower of Treats that came in.

Last night one of my favorite law firms came up from FL to take us out to dinner. Now that's a treat I'll take. We went to Buckheads, one of my favorite restaurants, vs the big chain places like Ruths Chris. There I could eat well, without breaking the calorie bank for the week. Grilled scallops. Yum. It probably helped that I ran 5 miles instead of eating lunch, too.

So everytime you look at the big displays of holiday fare, remember, Jeff Cup is coming. Every pound is a pound that you have to schlep up the hills!

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